Products, and where to buy them

There are lots of vegan products available – too many to mention here, especially when you include non-dairy milk alternatives. This is just a list of some products that we have enjoyed, some tips on preparation, and where they can be purchased.


Food Brand Where to buy Comments
Arrowroot flour Bulk Barn
Beef tips Gardein Zehrs Great in stew, stir fries, beef stroganoff, fajitas, or just as a protein with a meal
Burgers Sol Cuisine, Yves, etc. Zehrs, Vince’s Lots to choose from here, but not all are created equal. The Sol Cuisine Portobello Mushroom Burger is very good.
Butter (see also margarine below) Earth Balance Zehrs
Cheese slices (see below for cream cheese and shredded cheese) Earth Island (a.k.a. Follow Your Heart) Zehrs Cheddar or mozzarella cheese slices – great on burgers, grilled cheese, etc.
Chicken breasts Presidents Choice Zehrs Great on their own or cut up and used in other recipes such as fried rice, fajitas, pot pie, or any other recipe that calls for chicken.
Chicken burgers Yves Zehrs, Vince’s So good with Vegenaise, vegan mozzarella, tomato, and lettuce
Chicken cutlets, breaded Presidents Choice Zehrs  Great in “chicken parmesan” with vegan mozzsarella and tomato sauce on pasta
Chicken strips, breaded Presidents Choice Zehrs
Chickpea flour Bulk Barn
Cream cheese Tofutti Zehrs Chives and herb is better than the others.
Fish sticks Gardein Zehrs Very close to the real thing
Ground beef Yves Zehrs, Vince’s Use wherever actual ground beef (yuck) would be used e.g. shepherd’s pie, chili, pasta sauce, sloppy Joes, etc.
Ice cream Zehrs, Vince’s, The Bar Café There’s a wide variety, including ice cream bars, and they’re all good. Made with soy, coconut, or cashew milk. The cashew ones seem to be the most like real ice cream.
Margarine Becel Vegan
PC Lactose-Free
Zehrs Most margarine has milk products in it, but not these ones.
Mayo Vegenaise Zehrs
Samosas The Bar Café Veggie or tofu with spinach
Sandwich meat Yves Zehrs, Vince’s Ham, turkey, etc.
Sausage Field Roast The Bar Café The best vegan sausage we’ve tried so far. Great in a bun or just as a protein with a meal (e.g. with mashed potatoes and a veggie). Italian and Smoked Apple Sage are both great.
Sausage Tofurkey Zehrs, Vince’s
Shredded cheese Daiya Zehrs Cheddar and mozzarella. Seems to be one of the most widely-available vegan cheeses, and has improved since the early days, although some people still aren’t fond of it.
Sour cream Tofutti Zehrs A very reasonable alternative to the real thing.
Tofurkey roast Tofurkey Zehrs So good with all the usual side dishes (mashed potatoes, vegan gravy, stuffing, turnip, etc.)
Tofurkey slices Tofurkey Zehrs, Vince’s
Vital wheat gluten Bulk Barn For making seitan
Whipped cream Zehrs Coconut whipped cream – so good!